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First Steps
If we have a puppy or an older adult dog which is currently available, please complete the Application and hit
the send application button when complete.  This application gives us basic information about you and the
other animals your currently own.  If you are approved, there is a $200 non-refundable deposit that will need
to be submitted that will go toward the purchase price to hold a dog.  Once we have received your deposit,
your name will be added to the bottom of the waiting list.  In all fairness, your pick will be in the order that
your name appears on the list for the dog you are looking for.  EXAMPLE:  If you request a female and your
name is the top name on the list, you will have choice of any female.  If you request a Blue Merle Female and
your name is on the top of the list, you will have first pick of all the Blue Merle Girls available*.  After first
pick has been made, this same process will move to the next name on the list.  Please bear in mind that the
more specific you are about your request, the longer that it may be to for Nature to Fill your Request.  You
can always ask us how many names are above yours to help you decide if you would like to be added to our
waiting list.
*All picks with deposits are always behind breeder pick and any puppy which may be owed in lieu of a stud
fee to the stud owner.

What if I choose not to be on the Reservation List?
This is also OK if you choose not to be on the waiting list, but we will still request that you submit an
Application to us and we will keep you posted on our availability.  Please remember that all the people on
the Reservation List with a paid deposit will have first Choice before folks that are not on our reservation list
and everyone must be pre-approved.

If you are not on the reservation list and we have a dog available that you would like to make part of your
family, we still require a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold any dog.  This deposit does go towards the
purchase price.  All of our available dogs are considered still For Sale until we have received your Deposit.  
We encourage e-mail or phone correspondence to help with any questions you may have about availability.

Paying for your New Puppy/Dog
All Dogs must be Paid for In Full prior to leaving our home.  We require full payment of all dogs at least 3
days prior to leaving or in the case of puppies, by 8 weeks of age unless prior written arrangements have
been made.  If you decide to pay by personal check, your check must clear prior to the dog leaving so please
allow extra time for your check to clear.  We do accept PayPal as our preferred form of Payment if you are
out of state.  If you cannot pay for your puppy in full and have not made other arrangements with us by the
time the dog is ready to leave or the puppy is 8 weeks old, we will repost the dog/puppy for sale.

Shipping my Dog
Shipping is based on additional requirements, please contact us about information regarding the possibility of
shipping of any dog or puppy.  We now request that all new owners come to Colorado to meet your puppy in
advance of purchase.  Picking up your puppy will also help to minimize the stress of leaving home for the first
If shipping is a possibility, shipping costs are the Sole responsibility of the Buyer, although we will help you
by making the reservation and choosing the most direct flight for you little one.  Shipping costs may vary, but
here is an Example:

Cost for Shipping in addition to the Cost of the Puppy:
Air Fare:  $275
Vet Certificate to fly required by the USDA:  $50
Hard Sided Crate to Ship:  $50

Please keep in mind that these cost are here as an example and may vary depending on the costs of each
individual item at the time of Service.  Each Airline has it’s own Policies about shipping that may change.  We
prefer to use United Airlines or American Airlines whenever possible.
Puppies must be picked up between 8-12 weeks of age.  If Shipping is an option, Dogs will be shipped on the
agreed upon date (weather permitting).  If we hold your puppy or dog any longer, you will incur a Boarding
Charge of $10/day as an additional cost that will need to be paid in full prior to your puppy or dog leaving our

What Shots will my Dog have?
Our puppies will have 1-2 sets of "Puppy Shots" by the time they leave our home.  Older dogs will have
additional shots.  You will receive a complete Shot Record.  Please always consult your vet for the best Shot
Schedule based on your location.