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We are dedicated to the promotion and showing of conformationally correct Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs and Foundation Quarter Horses to enhance and further the breed according to the breed standard.  

We purchased our first Sheltie in the summer of 2000 and fell in Love with the intelligence of the breed.  Having
lived with Australian Shepherds off and on for the better part of our lives, we purchased our first Australian
Shepherd Show Dog in 2007.   Since that time,  our dogs have been successful in Conformation, Herding and
Agility.  Our dogs have earned both Conformation and Performance Titles.  Both Aussies and Shelties love to work and play and we believe that they should be allowed to do this on a daily
basis.  All of our dogs are family members and spend time inside and outside the house Colorado Weather
Permitting .  On occasion, we offer puppies or retired show dogs to approved homes only.  Although we have only been in Shelties since 2000, we grew up with Herding dogs and Champion bred Labradors in the 1960's and
1970's.  We have also raised and bred Quarter Horses for over 30 years.